Closeout Documentation

Project closeout is the final construction phase of the project lifecycle


Outline Specifics

Project closeout is the final construction phase of the project lifecycle commonly defined as the length of time between substantial completion and the General Contractor receiving final payment.

Project closeout specifications and requirements are dictated by contractual documents which are typically issued by the Architect and/or Engineer of Record per scope outline, extent, and Stakeholder procedures and expectations

Successful project closeout can be rare as a result of undefined deliverables and expectations, misunderstood and/or untaught procedures, and insufficient, inexperienced or thin bandwidth of resources.

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Best Practice Procedures: Includes but are not limited to

Project Closeout Register

  • Project closeout register generation is fundamental to define deliverables, assign responsible entities, delineate timeline, reference as progress metric and compliment physical and/or digital package structure. It corelates with accepted submittal register items.
  • Architect, Engineer and/or Stakeholder project closeout register approval at initial construction phase (preferable) or prior to final construction phase is vital to strategize accelerated execution and organizational proactiveness.
  • Serves as instrument to instruct accountability, commitment, and expectations.

Project Closeout Documentation/Item Collection

  • Project closeout collection of deliverables can be classified in Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Warranties, Record Drawings, As-Built, Certifications, Test Reports, Training, Attic Stock, and Recorded Information such as financials, and registers amongst others.
  • Dominate trait to meet or exceed phase compliance includes active engagement and proficient continuous communication: email correspondence, phone calls, recurrent reminders, and meetings. Diligence matters.

Project Closeout Assembly and Turnover Package

  • Compile structured documentation and delivery of physical items per predetermined turnover procedures.
  • Ideal to integrate professionalism as presentation trademark onto physical and digital package.

Benefits and Importance of Efficiency: Includes but are not limited to

  • Thoroughness, timeliness, and execution key skills required to master stage success.
  • Requisite compliance for final payment issuance.
  • Plays a crucial role in Client satisfaction which leads to repeated business.
  • Holds ground for building relationships and serves as last impression.
  • Sets the bar high for forthcoming presentations and project award.

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