Auditing and Warranty Services

Project audit entails a formal review of a project.


Outline Specifics

Project audit entails a formal review of a project. An audit is performed generally by a designated audit department or a third-party auditor, both of which are stipulated by the Client.

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Best Practice Procedures: Includes but are not limited to

Audit Control Phased per Project Lifecycle

  • Implementation, training, and internal project team awareness of audit control is fundamental prior to commencement or initial phase of the project at hand. This, to ensure performance per compliant procedures.
  • Auditing phases can be scheduled periodically per the duration of the project.

Audit Control Services

  • Thorough verification, reconciliation, and valuation of project records. Investigative effort evaluates project financials, supplementary documentation, conformity of contract documents against change orders, direct and indirect cost, and management resources and expenditures amongst others.
  • Report, maintain and monitor quality assurance to meet project demands and expectations.

Benefits and Importance of Efficiency: Includes but are not limited to

  • Controls and mitigates project risks.
  • Identifies and implements corrective actions if needed against potential mismanagement prior to Client evaluation.
  • Applies best practice procedures to guarantee overall compliance upon the Client’s formal evaluation at project completion.
  • Assists with efficient project documentation control and closeout.
  • Plays a crucial role in Client satisfaction which leads to repeated business.
  • Holds ground for building relationships and serves as last impression.
  • Sets the bar high for forthcoming presentations and project award.

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